Digital_-vs_Offset Printing

Know Your Prints:

Digital printing is any photographic image created digitally and usually printed on digital printing presses.

Offset printing is usually a digital image that has been modified to run on a manual printing press using anywhere from one to four colors.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printed colors are separated by metal ridges and hand enameled, using screens for correct color placement. The design is printed on a screen and the colors placed leave a bright finish.

This process is best suited when duplicating intricate designs that require precise color detail or full color reproduction.

This type of printing may or may not take an epoxy coating to add an extra 3D style.


What is Offset Printing?

Just imagine a home-based printer. This type of printing uses CMYK  – Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black (K) inks to create a full-color photographic image. 

This style of manufacturing offers the most flexibility. Clarity and brilliant color is achieved as with the Screen-Printing technique.

The shape of your product is first cut from a metal sheet with the surface of the metal being left smooth. A base color is then spread over the metal, priming the surface for the offset-printed design, which can be printed on a variety of materials (such as vinyl, paper or other products). Finally, a coating of epoxy may or may not be applied to help protect the product from showing signs of wear or scratches.