epola-cloisonne Cloisonne

What is Cloisonné?

Imitation Cloisonné (often referred to as Epola) was developed in an effort to produce the look and feel of real Cloisonné at a fraction of the price. The epola/immitation cloisonné process is similar to our other processes in that brilliant colored resin is hand-placed in the stamped out, recessed areas.

Your product design is stamped into the base metal, then the recesses are filled by hand with colored epola and baked at high temperatures. Each Epola/Cloisonné piece is then polished by hand for a high-quality product which is nearly indistinguishable from Cloisonné.

Cloisonné does not take or need an outer layer of epoxy coating. This style of production will not create a domed or 3D effect, but instead will have a glassy, smooth finish to each piece.

In all Cloisonné products, notice the smooth surface across the color and the metal.

epola-cloisonne2 Cloisonne