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Your custom lapel or trading pins, coins and promotional products should reflect you in a positive light. So we guarantee the BEST in creativity in the cutting edge design of all your promotional products AND the lowest prices for the best quality!

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Our prcoess is extremely simple. Send us your current design. We will send back an example of how you can expect the design to look when complete. Make any necessary revisions. After that your order is delivered in under 2 weeks.

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Our Specialities

We specialize in custom pins, coins, trading pins, patches, bottle openers and keychains! If you don’t see something offered, just ask!

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Sherry with Amazing Pins and Coins did an excellent job helping us envision our design and putting it together.

– Nicholas, WinIT Gaming

Pin Styles

Please view our knowledge base to get associated with our Pin Styles we can offer for your design. If you don’t see something listed, just ask.

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